Lower East Side New York Artist Painter Micci Cohan


Micci Cohan at Museum of Modern Art - MoMa New York



Micci Cohan, a painter and graphic artist was born and raised in New-Rochelle, New York. She was selected to study printmaking at the N.Y. State Summer school of Visual Arts in Buffalo, N.Y. during high school where she received an Award of Merit. She moved to New York City's Lower East Side in 1983 to study painting and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design and while there studied under many influential artists such as the painter Sean Scully. During her school years she was grateful for the experience of having worked as an assistant for several professional painters, one of them being, Miriam Schapiro, one of the founders of the, “Pattern and Decoration Movement”. She recalls this period working for these artists as a time when an immeasurable source of inspiration and insight came flooding in as she experienced each artist’s creative process and what the professional life of an artist is really like. As time followed, it would have a great impact on her work ethics as an artist and her own career.

Cohan has exhibited professionally for 25 years and her work is in several private collections. Her exhibitions include many other venues such as boutiques, restaurants, café’s and theaters. She also has created posters for the prestigious Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater and her work has been auctioned off alongside such famous American and European Artists as Calder, Haring and Miro. Cohan spends most of her time in NYC and frequently travels to those places which creatively inspire her most, particularly, Istanbul, Paris, Rome, and Mexico.

Her paintings have been described to have a unique timelessness that surpasses current trends and categorizations. They celebrate a vibrant world splashed with the color of innocent glamour and unbridled sensuality. An energetic and innovative artist, she epitomizes the artist’s role to use art to convey the culture and historical content of today and sets the highest standards of creative expression. Her wish is that her art moves the viewer in some way creating a moment for them. That they might be awakened to her sense of passion and spirit and their world somehow become enhanced by it.

Third St. Studio, New York City, 2009

Micci Coahn at New Museum New York

New Museum, New York City, 2009


Micci Cohan in istanbul, Taksim

Istanbul, Taksim, 2010

Museum of Modern Art,New York City, 2009





Katonah, New York, 2009



Micci Cohan, Women's Wear Daily

Selling Art in SOHO, New York City, 2002

Women's Wear Daily, Photo by Dan D'errico

With my #1 favorite fountain, Paris, 1989


Micci Cohan Mugsy's Chow Chow Restaurant

Mugsy's Chow Chow Restaurant (Co-owner)

New York City, 1994-2001


Lower East Side New York Artist Painter Micci Cohan

1990's Fifth St. New York City

Lower East Side New York Artist Painter Micci Cohan

1980's at Parsons School of Design New York City

Lower East Side New York Artist Painter Micci Cohan Photo by Toyo Tsuchiya

Third St. Studio New York City, 2003


Artist Painter Micci Cohan East Village

Still from 1984 movie by Michael Parillo, New York City

Micci Cohan Ludlow Street, New York City, 1984

Ludlow Street, New York City, 1984


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